The purposes of the Society are to conduct research on 2 aspects: a sound development of corporations and other organizations, as well as the growth development of the main elements of management, human beings. The Society’s mission is to also gain support, and assistance on comprehensive, continuous, and emergent skills and roles that contain particular information, and to contribute to the establishment of outstanding and complementary relevance of the 2 aspects.

In the research process, we will be investigating from both theoretical and practical perspectives, under the assumption that inevitably there will be mutual creations by associations and human societies.

As an academic research, systematic interrelationships involving technology and humans, the basics and applications, research and business, as well as theory and practice, will be developed academically. The research will be specifically pointed towards sociology and the collaborated theory development of human science and environmental studies. As of today we have reached a borderless generation, in which we are asked to enthusiastically reevaluate information systems within the topic of management.

As we live in a place where non-continuous condition and unpredictable situations are becoming an everyday affair, we can only rely on the peculiar functions and roles of information. Information characteristics with high quality, information characteristics that raise and solve problems, information characteristics that are environment-searching, and information characteristics that help decision making with obscure meanings, are few of the subjects for investigation and analysis. These subjects are vital for building information systems that unlimitedly promote human and business systems.

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