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As we have entered a Borderless Era, it has become our duty to reassess information systems within the framework of business.

As non-consecutive situations and unpredictable situations occur on a daily basis, the information’s strengths and functions are the only aspects that we could ever rely on.

Information characteristics which assist ambiguous decision-making, and contain high quality, as well as problem-solving, environment-searching characteristics, are vital for the creation of information systems, which exceedingly boost the humanities and business sector.

The Society aims to conduct research on the sound development of corporations and other organizations, as well as the growth of the operational group, or in other words, the human resources themselves.

Hence, due to the comprehensive, continual, creative roles and functions, we believe our mission is to successfully contribute to our complementary relationships.

In order to do so, the Society believes the necessity to firstly presume the healthy appearance created by the organization and later investigate from both theories and activities.

In addition, it is also important to interdisciplinary develop the relationships within the information systems that involve the theories and practicalities, research and business, basics and applications, and human and technologies.

That is to say, the construction of unified theories within the humanities, as well as social and environmental sciences is becoming vital.

Hence, in order to accomplish our mission productively, we ask for all of your help and support by each and every one of you.

As we sincerely ask for your strong support towards our mission, by all means, we also like to invite you all to become the member of the Society.

We appreciate your consideration.

Membership terms and conditions

Annual membership fees will be charged once the application is received by the administration. However, the official letter of admission will be issued, after the decision is made by the board members of the most recent national research convention. Once the annual membership fees are paid in the meantime, provisional members, just as general members, will receive journal publications and other information, and shall be entitled to publish works at the convention. Annual fees will be reimbursed if the member does not get accepted.

Even if applications are sent, several permissions, including publishing works, will not be granted if annual membership fees are not made. If hasten to have the general member’s entitlement, a filled application and annual fees must be transferred to the post office.

Applications must be sent to:

Faculty of Business Administration, Seikei University

3-3-1 Kichijoji-Kitamachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-8633, Japan


The bank account which fees must be transferred into:

(PO Transfer Savings Account) Account Number: 00100-2-60217

Name: 日本情報経営学会

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